what’s going on?

take time to do what makes your soul happy

So.o.o I’ve spent the whole day messing around with the tags and categories here on the blog. I found cute emojis for each tag and each category. Now all I have to do is find out if they will actually work, or if the site will crash from an overload of cuteness,


And, I put together a new FB page to celebrate 20 years at nanaellen.com while D watched college basketball.

🏀 March Madness here we come. 🏀

see ya soon

P.S. Please let me know if the cuteness crashes the site won’t you.




All scriptures quoted on The Contentment Cottage Blog are from the Revised Standard Version of the Bible (RSV), unless otherwise noted: Revised Standard Version of the Bible (RSV) Published by Zondervan Corp. Grand Rapids, MI 49500 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 64-17541 Women of […]

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that explains it 2.0

Here it is the first of August, and most of the projects are in the finishing stages. The posts that were planned for my “that explains it” series have been on hold most of the summer. My re-arranged studio sits exactly as I left it weeks […]

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that explains it

This is a post about self-evaluation. And please remember…I write because…to quote Cyril Connolly…”it is better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” Since very early childhood I have been told that I “don’t […]

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sadly neglected

This weekend marks the “summer solstice” and the American Holiday known as “Father’s Day.” A change of seasons always inspires me. It signals a fresh start, a new beginning, something new to look forward to. As we move toward high summer, I’m inspired to take a […]

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Madison Compton’s story begins in a ramshackle mountain cabin when she was a defenseless child of nine. Terrified, yet defiant, the abused little girl grows up to carve out a successful life for herself in the fast paced world of Industrial Design. Everything seems perfect for Maddy, […]

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