may orchids – two

The miniature Equitant Oncidiums originated in the Caribbean. These are great compact plants that are easy to grow for any beginner. These plants can often bloom more than once a year. Larger specimen plants or large collections of Equitants can provide some blooms most of the year round. Equitants come in many shades of colors and have flowers that can be solid in color, spotted or barred. Thanks Orchid Web

Love these guys!  They are SOooo varied – purples to red violets and browns. And, with the sun pouring through the porch windows they make this beautiful May day seem positively tropical.

I’m thankful to be alive, surrounded by such beauty.

see ya soon


in memorial

Commonly referred to as the “moth orchid”, Phalaenopsis are one of the longest blooming orchid genera producing flowers that last from 2 to 6 months before dropping. Phalaenopsis have also been known to bloom 2 to 3 times per year once they have reached a […]

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may orchids

  The sun is pouring into the porch, lighting the old red Cattleyas and brightening my day. This is one of three huge plants, all children and grandchildren of the original orchid that survived our move to California in 1981.  It is SO hardy it’s […]

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yellow april orchids

This charming little basket of yellow dendrobiums  finally came into its own this week.  I honestly have to say this is one my very favorite specimens from D’s orchid collection.  It is just so sunny and bright and cheerful! Nobile dendrobiums can be grown and flowered […]

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april orchids

The rain has stopped…at last! And the sun is streaming through the front porch, encouraging the orchids to bloom, bloom, bloom.   These two mini phales are lovin’ it. Plus, there are two baskets of  Nobile dendrobiums visiting from D’s greenhouse this month; these snow white […]

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