new toy

Kai Li’s toy pile has grown with her, piece by piece, ever since she was a two pound ball of fluff.

First came one of daddy’s socks, rolled into a ball.  Just the right size for tiny Kai. Next,


anything and everything Dad was playing with at the moment.


Over the years there have been Christmas toys –


Birthday toys, and

BirthdayToymoments of boredom, spent longing for toys.


This afternoon, there was a NEW toy in the pile…and it moved!


So…she decided to feel it out, just to see if it was a good fit for her pile of toys.


And, guess what! It plays too! Wow!


That really blows my ears up! Can I keep it, Dad?

Hope your Sunday afternoon was this entertaining.
see ya soon


doing better

Yes. I’m doing much better today. Thanks for asking. 🙂 I’m just not doing it very fast. This morning we went to the grocery store with a very simple list of what we needed: EVERYTHING! It turned out to be an exhausting trip for me. That’s […]

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makin’ pizza

Dad & the Wookie makin’ pizza Tonight was pizza night in our kitchen.  It goes like this: First I put the pizza stone in the oven and start heating it to 425° F.  Next I mix the dough: Pizza Dough proof 1 pkg active dry […]

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may orchids

  The sun is pouring into the porch, lighting the old red Cattleyas and brightening my day. This is one of three huge plants, all children and grandchildren of the original orchid that survived our move to California in 1981.  It is SO hardy it’s […]

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