my desk on the porch

tiny house tour

Last night brought something of an epiphany. I want a tiny house.  No! Wait. I live in a tiny house! I’ve been following Tiny House blogs and face-book pages for a while now, longing for a ‘tiny house’ to call my very own—somewhere other than here (here being Central California). Then BAM! It hits me. […]

Nana’s biscotti

This morning my mouth  wanted Biscotti for breakfast!  Guess what?  No Biscotti in the freezer.  That means I’m gonna have to bake!  I haven’t baked Biscotti for months, even though Laurie asked me to post the recipe months ago!  Okay – let’s just kill two with one here: I get my craving satisfied and Laurie gets her how to: […]

Tee Shirt factory

This week we turned the studio into a tee-shirt factory.  First we gathered up supplies: a dozen white 100% cotton tees from Costco, a colorful selection of permanent markers, some fabric dyes and some interesting graphics.  Next I dug out the sewing stuff and transformed my drawing board into a sewing room. After the tees […]