Comfort food and other stuff from Nana's old fashioned kitchen.

Fast foods Drop sugar cookies
Shells with Fresh Tomato Sauce
Main dishes and one dish meals Nana's mac 'n' cheese
Kraut Runza, Super Bowl Sammies
Cooking with Herbs Nana's Penne with Basil, Shells with Fresh Tomato Sauce
Marinara Sauce, Cold Beef with Mustard Sauce
Rosemary-Lemon Chicken & Dumplings
Breads Nana's Famous Pancakes, Biscuits, Lemon Cream Scones , Banana Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Cherry Muffins, Bran Muffins, Sweet Applets , Basic White Bread, Herb Bread, Onion Cheese Bread, Rye Bread, Grandma's German Rye Bread
Beverages Boiled Coffee, cafe au lait, Cocoa ,Hot Chocolate
Perked Punch , Sparkling or Plain Lemonade
Cakes and Cookies Nana Ellen's Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies
Brownie Mix, Devil's Food Cake, Spice Cake, Oatmeal Cake
Mother's Chocolate Vinegar Cake, Creme de menthe Brownies
Pies and sweets Apple Pie & Apple Crisp, Perfect Crust, Pecan Pie 
Caramel Pie, Fudge Cake , Coconut Custard Pie 
Hand-dipped Chocolates, Casserole Candy & Bourbon Balls
Soups, salads & dressings Blue Cheese Dressing
Other things Natural Body Care & Cosmetics

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If you're looking for something special that's not included here yet drop me a note. My collection of vintage cookbooks ranges from the late 1800's. Maybe we can find what you need.

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