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not a horrendous event

Good Morning and Blessing upon this last week in October! We read the following article during our ‘quite time’ this morning and since Pastor Jack Hayford writes so.o.o eloquently, on any subject—and since we happen to agree with him on this subject—I’m sharing it with […]

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afraid to ask

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Halloween— But Were Afraid To Ask. Times were simpler when I was a girl, back in the 1950s. The Halloween party for our church youth group was the most anticipated event on our autumn calendar. We got together in […]

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1953 Remembered

  Mama finally agreed – after much begging, pleading, and probably a temper tantrum or two on my part – that I was BIG enough to go Trick or Treating alone. I was nine, after all! Well.. actually I could go with my cousins and […]

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meet Broomhilda

  Now, before you jump to any hasty conclusions . . . Broomhilda is NOT a w____, a uhhh ? ? . . . nasty old lady. While it is true that her Mondays are spent boiling her laundry in a large cast iron cauldron; […]

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