how our garden grows

Spring is so unpredictable!

We gardenYesterday was a sunny 89° and today it is 65° and mostly cloudy with rain in the forecast.

spring fever

Spring brings such amazing wonders to our garden. Here are a few shots from the past week. Enjoy them quickly. Next week will be altogether different.

The poppies and pansies will fade with the first truly hot days–and they aren’t far away. The zucchini will rapidly grow to the size of baseball bats–and we’ll be throwing ’em into passing cars to ‘share’ the abundance. 🙂 The spring greens will turn to deep lush foliage, loaded with tomatoes and peppers. Summer’s a comin’ friends.

see ya soon

the color of rain

We live down the lane, in a little old cottage the color of rain. First let me just say, “I strongly dislike this daylight savings time thing.” It messes up my mornings. Actually, it messes up my whole inner clock. Last night was one of […]

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a Valentine blessing

About a decade ago we planted several bare root roses in our garden.  My favorite was a hybrid tea called “Just Joey”  He was the star of the show in  February 2012 when we moved him to a full-sun-spot near the front door. Joey lived and […]

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how’s it growing?

Half way through February …spring in full swing …our garden remodel is coming along beautifully. February is being…well February! Today is cool, with huge puffy clouds sailing over the garden. Wednesday was cold, rainy, windy and reminiscent of winter. Monday it was 70°…and so it […]

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awakening the garden

The first week of February in a California garden means signs of spring everywhere. So.o.o this week, between rain and a couple of nights of 31° temps, Dick carried ten bales of garden soil (3 cu. yards each), spaded them into the new beds and […]

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a new garden path

This week has been a roller-coaster of rain and dry, cool and warm. Today was sunny and just above 60°. I’ve always said our valley Holiday Season is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Super Bowl and SPRING! They all run together and they come fast. When […]

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