March marches on…

memory and idea albums

The first week of March came…and went. No new posts on the blog.  I’ve been busy. I missed y’all though.

Instead of writing posts I spent a lot of time in the studio working on memories, ideas and new art pieces. The weather has been very cooperative…several days of soft, gentle rain. There’s nothing I love more than working in the studio, with rain pattering on the roof.

We spent last weekend revamping Dick’s end of the space and setting up a place for him to build models again. That operation takes a large flat area where he can pin down the pieces and leave them to dry. And, while we were working in the studio, the garden continued to show signs of spring.

model airplane
Pitt Special Wings
Dick building again

Today has been cold and winter-like again. Rainy, but not the soothing, patter on the roof, kind of rain. Blustery…the kind of wind that makes me want to curl up somewhere warm with a good book…or write… So.o.o here I am, back at blogging. It has been my intention to be more disciplined about posting this year…you couldn’t tell it by looking at March…But March marches on…St. Paddy’s Day and Easter and my Birthday are still to come this month…so stay tuned. There’s more to come.

see ya soon

meet Lou

Frieda Louise 22″ OOAK Cloth Doll This fire-cracker is Frieda Louise. Her friends call her “Lou”. You, of course can call her anything you like. Standing about 22 inches tall, she has wired hands and arms allowing you to pose her as you please. Her […]

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meet Ami –

Ami 22″ OOAK Cloth Doll Ami is a good little girl, but her fashion idols are Kat Von D and Abby Sciuto from NCSI…so…her wardrobe makes a chic—goth—retro—punk statement. That makes her fashion sense every mother’s nightmare. Tats on neck and lower back and a belly-button ring […]

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timeless notions

Awhile back I shared that we were scanning all of our 35mm slides—bringing them up to digital date. Many of our photos go back to the early years of our marriage, starting in the late seventies. What I may not have mentioned are the hundreds […]

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b my valentine

Just two more weeks till Valentine’s Day!. I can hardly wait. I’m all about hearts and flowers don’t ya know.  February, too. February is the LOVE month for those of us who reside in the USA. By the second week in January retailers have packed […]

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meet Keesha

Keesha 22″ OOAK Cloth Doll Diva attitude and ready to par-tay! She’s all that. Twenty two inches tall and poseable, this beauty will add a little heat to any night on the town. Well…at least she’ll warm up any doll collection she becomes a part […]

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little things

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s how you carry it. It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Finally, I understand…little things are the most important things in life. Hope your loads are light, your outlook is bright, […]

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