borrowed wisdom

The past month has been filled with writing. Just not here. I didn’t write either of the following articles—but I can certainly identify with both of them. Hopefully you will gain something from one or the other too.

see ya soon

ScreenClipMan is impressed with the externals; he doesn’t see the heart. God is different. He doesn’t judge by appearance or intelligence. King Saul hadn’t learned that, however, so he looked at David and said, “You don’t have the size for it. You’re just a kid. Look over there at that giant.” (See 1 Samuel 17:17-39.)

As I picture it, David was blinking and thinking, What giant? The only giant in my life is God. That’s a dwarf over there, Saul. God is not impressed with the externals; He looks on the heart. God is omnipotent! And if He’s on my side, omnipotence can’t lose.

So often, when facing our own giants, we forget what we ought to remember, and we remember what we ought to forget. We remember our defeats, and we forget the victories. Most of us can recite the failures of our lives in vivid detail, but we’re hard-pressed to name the specific, remarkable victories God has pulled off in our past.

Not so with David! He says, “You know why I can fight Goliath, Saul? Because the same God who gave me power over a lion and a bear will give me power over Goliath. It is God who will empower me . . . so just let me at him.”

Well, that let Saul off the hook, so he says, “Go, and may the Lord be with you.” Isn’t it remarkable how people can use spiritual cliches to cover up their empty lives? They know all the right words to use . . . all the pious-sounding sayings. Saul sure did.

Then Saul said, “Now wait a minute, David. We have to fix you up for battle.” Imagine it! You can’t tell me the Bible doesn’t have humor, because it says, “Saul clothed David with his garments.” Here’s Saul, a 52 long, and David is a 36 regular.

What works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. We’re always trying to put our armor on someone else or wear someone else’s armor. But that’s not the way to do battle. It was a great breakthrough in my own life when I finally discovered that I could be me and God would use me. I couldn’t operate well, wearing another’s armor. God provides unique techniques for unique people. by Charles R. Swindoll, June 05, 2016


ImageFar too often we allow guilt to keep us in a situation we no longer feel comfortable with or just flat out don’t want to be in anymore.
Being a “Fixer” and overly compassionate, to a fault, I struggled with this ALL my life so I had a heart to heart with Jesus and here is what was revealed to me about why we should walk away when that feeling is gnawing at us.

side note: what I am about to write pertains to any relationship, partnership, friendship, etc…. EXCEPT marriage and you have to take THAT one up with God Himself for your particular situation.

1. God already knows who needs to be in whose life and for how long. Each person will be a blessing or a lesson and sometimes both.

2. It could be that, that someone is leaning on you instead of leaning on God. You have become that person’s crutch, their “enabler.” Now you are making it your responsibility to help beyond your means and in turn unintentionally making matters worse (and when these previous four words were revealed to me I was flabbergasted because it never even dawned on me that I was making some matters worse for them as much as I “thought” I was trying to help them, but looking back at some situations, it made perfect sense) so God is telling you to walk away and let HIM handle it.

3.Now there are going to be some that will try to lay the biggest guilt trip ever on you or even rip you to shreds for walking out but that is simply all the more proof you were only a crutch for them and their selfish ego has been bruised. IF you had meant anything more to them you would not have felt the need to go. Let God deal with them.

4. It could be that you are leaning too much on someone else instead of God and that person may be leading you in a direction not suited to God’s will for your life.

5.If you feel you are being pushed away…go, because more times than not it is simply God leading you away.

6. And finally…people do change and grow apart. Situations and circumstances can change in the blink of an eye or they may evolve slowly. But regardless of the situation always ask God what you should do and then do it. Don’t just ask and wait for the big SHAZAM lightning bolt to hit you…open your heart and listen to what He has to tell you then whatever you do, just do it and don’t doubt God. by Stompin’ Mud Puddles