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As you may already know, across the lane from Nana's cottage, there lives a majestic valley oak more than a hundred years in age. I love that old tree and watch it's progressive seasonal changes with devotion. I am always in awe of the grandeur and mystery of it.

Nana's oak shades the lane in summer, fills the fence row with gold in autumn, whispers uplifting secrets through it's branches in winter as the brown leaves cling tightly, awaiting spring. It renews my faith in the perfect natural scheme of things every spring as the bright green leaves return to begin the cycle again. I find life lessons in all of its stages and often share them with you as they occur to me. The oak inspires me in many ways...


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An edging of oak leaves with a light background for autumn cards, letters and holiday invitations...

including a matching button

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Or if you prefer, the same set on a dark Background, with text in a soft warm shade

with a couple of matching buttons

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