Vegetable Harvest

My end of the summer garden produces
some truly beautiful still-life studies.
Such diversity of color and texture
need to be preserved in art.
At least I think so ...

Oh! And just in case you are putting up some veggies of your own - here's a label to make each jar special.

Just click the label (right) and print out a whole page! I affix mine with clear packing tape. Looks cool and costs next to nothing.

And while you're printing... I like to offer my favorite recipes on personalized cards. Click the mushrooms and print a few.


Here's a shopping list:

Need a shopping list to print and hang on your fridge?
Simply click the carrots

Print and cut the page into three "shopping lists". Cute and inexpensive!
I've seen the prices on those pads in the gift shops!

Have fun!

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Please note - these images are not originals by nanaellen. I found a set of labels in a very old cookbook of my Mother's after she passed away in '96. I loved them, and thought you would too. I have NO idea where she got them. But, if using them infringes on anyone's rights, please advise. I will remove them from my site immediately.